Enabling/Installing FFmpeg Extension PHP From cPanel

FFmpeg is php extension used to manipulate videos files in PHP using the ffmpeg program. It provides classes for retrieving information from video and audio files like the duration, frame and sample rate, frame size. It can also extract individual frames from the videos and create GD image resources. It supports the all the video formats supported by ffmpeg like MOV, AVI, MPEG, WMV, and the audio formats MP3 and WMA.

How to Enabling / Installing ffmpeg Extension PHP From cPanel

The cPanel now includes a graphic interface where you can install PHP extensions directly.

Login to your cPanel account.

Scroll down the cPanel interface until you reach the Software and Service section

Click Select PHP Version

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 4.00.59 PM

Find FFmpeg extension, check it and save.

Enabling/Installing ffmpeg Extension PHP From cPanel

General Questions About FFmpeg

1. Why doesn’t FFmpeg support feature [xyz]?
Because no one has taken on that task yet. FFmpeg development is driven by the tasks that are important to the individual developers. If there is a feature that is important to you, the best way to get it implemented is to undertake the task yourself or sponsor a developer.

2. FFmpeg does not support codec XXX. Can you include a Windows DLL loader to support it?
No. Windows DLLs are not portable, bloated and often slow. Moreover FFmpeg strives to support all codecs natively. A DLL loader is not conducive to that goal.

3. I cannot read this file although this format seems to be supported by ffmpeg.
Even if ffmpeg can read the container format, it may not support all its codecs. Please consult the supported codec list in the ffmpeg documentation.

4. Which codecs are supported by Windows?
Windows does not support standard formats like MPEG very well, unless you install some additional codecs.

The following list of video codecs should work on most Windows systems:


.asf only

.asf only

.asf only

Only if you have some MPEG-4 codec like ffdshow or Xvid installed.

.mpg only

Note, ASF files often have .wmv or .wma extensions in Windows. It should also be mentioned that Microsoft claims a patent on the ASF format, and may sue or threaten users who create ASF files with non-Microsoft software. It is strongly advised to avoid ASF where possible.

The following list of audio codecs should work on most Windows systems:


If some MP3 codec like LAME is installed.

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