Finding a DropShipping Wholesaler

So now you are probably wondering how you can find and qualify a genuine wholesale drop shipper. You will need some patience and time to search through a drop shipper directory in order to find the best drop shipping companies for your particular product niche. There are many drop shipper directories available on the Internet, but not all of them are genuine. You The largest and most reputable drop shipper directory is AliExpress (

Beware of drop shipper directories that list companies that require you to purchase a membership or pay a licensing fee in order to sell their products. It’s one thing to purchase a membership for a drop shipper directory, as you are essentially paying for the work that went into researching and certifying the companies listed in the directory. But it’s not okay for a company to charge you a membership fee just to drop ship products for you, as they are already profiting by selling the wholesale products to you. You should pay shipping costs to them, but then you will typically turn around and recoup those shipping fees from your customers.

There are also bogus drop shipper directories on which a potential e-commerce storefront may mistakenly spend hundreds of dollars. These really contain names of middlemen posing as drop shippers. These sham drop shippers will charge you much more than you should pay for your products. Very inexpensive lists of drop shippers should also be avoided because they likely contain false and/or out-of-date information. When you try to contact the companies on these lists, you will find that they have gone out of business or never even existed at all.

AliExpress has very high standards when it comes to qualifying the drop shippers listed in their directory. Each of the thousands of wholesale drop shipping companies listed in the Aliexpress drop shipper directory is not genuine, but you can choose trusted seller by their rating. The company has a full-time staff of researchers whose only job is to qualify more and more legitimate wholesale drop shippers who will agree to work with Internet storeowners. They continually keep their wholesale directory up-to-date and are always adding the best drop shipping companies as they find them. In Aliexpress, you can find companies that sell just about anything you can think of from jewelry, comforters, furniture, electronics and more.

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